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We Fed Your Old X-Mas Trees To Goats!

The X-mas Trees KJ Haul Away Collected For Free Were A Treat For Goats At A Local Farm In Ely, IA.

feeding goats at local farm with old xmas trees in ely ia, kj haul away junk removal
Goats from RoyAn Ridge Farm chowing down on the x-mas trees we picked up for free.

To help our community ethically dispose of their Christmas trees, we decided to offer to pick them up and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way for free. 


Free X-Mas Tree Collection Flyer, KJ Haul Away, Cedar Rapids IA

We started advertising at the beginning of December that we would pick up your old x-mas tree after the holidays for free in Cedar Rapids and the Corridor and received 15 to 20 responses almost immediately. 

Where Did Your Old X-Mas Tree Go?


Our goal was to give back to the community with a free option to get your tree hauled away and a way to donate the trees to a good cause. We knew that many people in Eastern Iowa rented goats for targeted grazing as a natural alternative to other forms of weed control through an organization called Goats On The Go


After asking out neighbors and doing a little research, we learned that a local farm in Ely was a Goats On The Go member and rented their goats to local homeowners and businesses to graze on the weeds and grass. 


We connected with RoyAn Ridge Farm through Facebook and asked if they could use the trees to feed their goats. They were thrilled and told us that goats love pine needles and that pine trees are a healthy snack. 


Because the community doesn’t need weed control in the Iowa winters, the trees we donate will feed their goats through the winter. They will use the mulch from the eaten trees for their chickens or put it down in soft spots around the farm.


Your Pine Trees Were A Welcome Goat Treat


The KJ Haul Away crew picked up around 30 pine trees for free for our Eastern Iowa neighbors. 

We delivered them to RoyAn Ridge Farm and even got a feed a couple to the goats! 

It was gratifying to provide a free way to get rid of your Christmas trees while providing a healthy tree(t) (see what I did there?😄) for some very happy goats. 



KJ Haul Away, RoyAn Ridge Farm, and the goats – especially the goats – thank everyone who participated in our free x-mas tree pickup. We look forward to doing it again next year, so watch for a flyer and follow us on Facebook for updates on this and other promotions we offer to make getting rid of the junk in your life easy. 



About Goats On The Go


Goats On The Go (and Sheeps On The Go) is an organization that connects people looking for healthy, sustainable weed control solutions with goat and sheep farmers who rent out their herds to help control noxious weeds, brush, and invasive plants while leaving nothing but organic, nutrient-dense fertilizer behind. 



If you are a farmer interested in offering your herd to your community or a home or property owner or manager looking for a natural way to keep the weeds at bay and the grass trimmed, you can connect with them here: https://www.goatsonthego.com/stay-in-touch or see if there’s a local chapter here: https://www.goatsonthego.com/affiliate-directory



About RoyAn Ridge Farm



RoyAn Ridge Farm LLC is a proud herd provider and operator of the Cedar Valley chapter of Goats On The Go. They provide goats for targeted grazing to Johnson, Jones, and parts of Cedar and Linn County in Iowa, including Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, and Solon. If you are interested in hiring their goats to control the weeds and overgrowth in your residential or commercial property, you can contact them here or connect with them on Facebook




KJ Haul Away proudly serves Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Eastern Iowa with 5-star rated hands-off and hassle-free junk removal, cleanouts, cleanups, and demolition services. As the top-rated local junk removal company in the corridor, we go above and beyond to provide an exceptional decluttering service that gives back to the community by donating unwanted items to local charities and organizations to help our human (and animal) neighbors. 

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